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Shree Laxmi Wood Industries

The company is a result of a strong desire to produce quality plywood and panel products. Company is equipped with state of art manufacturing facilities. It has in-house facilities for resin manufacturing and R&D laboratory. Every batch is tested by qualified chemists. The group, behind the company, is well educated with expertise in plywood manufacturing. The strict selection of raw material done by its specialist.

The commitment to maintain consistent and quality supply and the trustworthy after sales service has made the company to grow many folds over the years.

The company has been successful in creating a reputation for itself due to sheer hard work and thorough maintenance of quality & supply. It wants to carry the name a step further by incorporating corporate styling to its brand, Silicon and be the one stop for all panel solutions



“Stand out with passion for unequaled products delighting our customers whom we see as the essence of our operations. By innovating new products, new customers will come to us. We change lives and raise smiles in every face.”


The importance of quality in the highly competitive world can hardly be overlooked. Therefore, SHREE LAXMI WOOD INDUSTRIES have incorporated numerous check procedures at every stage to ensure zero defect products. With its commitment to produce better-than-the-best plywood and continual improvements, SILICON ply is winning customer’s trust and enhancing satisfaction.


SILICON ply, a frontrunner in the plywood industry, is manufactured in a plant which has a state of art infrastructure and facilities to make & deliver the finest Plywood.

Reasons to choose SILICON plywood

  • Balanced Construction: SILICON plywood is manufactured with the high-density core of calibrated thickness in India’s best hydraulic press.
  • The extra thick face of Gurjan: To provide extra strength, we use the best quality thick Gurjan wood face available.
  • Wider core and panel: To minimize the core and panel gap inside the plywood, the 2x4ft panel is used during assembly.
  • High solid content resin— Bonding of the plywood depends on the amount of solid content of resin. The resin used in SILICON plywood has high solid content to provide strong bonding.
  • High nail holding capacity— Since it is manufactured with a wider core panel of High density, there is no chance of gap inside the plywood and you can nail on its edges.
  • No chance of Termite & Borers— Since the Hardwood has naturally SILICA content which is a natural anti termite borer, in-spite of that selected logs are treated with anti-termite borer chemicals before sending it for peeling.
  • Complete environment-friendly product: Resin used in SILICON Plywood is fortified with an advanced organic compound to make it safe for your dear one.
  • Smooth surface: After pressing SILICON Plywood is sanded in numeric controlled wide belt sander which gives it uniform and smooth finish.
  • Lab tested for flawless quality: Each batch of manufacturing is tested as per specifications of Bureau of Indian standards. A team of quality personal strictly checks the quality of finished plywood.
  • In-house raw materials: All the raw materials like core veneer, resin and Glue are manufactured in-house to maintain the quality of SILICON plywood.

Shree Laxmi Wood Industries
Block No. 119/120, At. Mahiyal ,
Ta. Talod,
Gujarat 383215

e: info@siliconply.com
p: +91. 937 5020 500

Who We Are ?

Silicon, one of the fastest growing brands in Indian interior infrastructure sectors, is poised with a bouquet of varieties of panel products. This five decades old young and dynamic organization harmonizes state-of-the-art technology with infinite imprinted imagination that results in innovative solutions to redefine home décor.

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